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Royal VKB is a Dutch company operating since 2005 and specializing in kitchenware and accessories. The company is a subsidiary of Kempen & Begeer, renowned for working closely with prominent Dutch and international designers. This relationship can be seen in Royal VKB products as well, many of which have been created in collaboration with famous designers. The company has recently come up with a clever Royal VKB tablet case, to address the growing part tablets and smartphones are playing in our lives.

There’s currently only one product available for those who wish to buy Royal VKB tablet cases – the Table Island Universal Tablet Stand Accessory (3.1/5 Editor's rating). It’s genius tablet stand, which can accommodate several tablet devices, smartphones, and a bunch of accessories. The stand helps keep all the daily stuff in one place without the risk of scattering them around the apartment. The case comes in two colors and costs a mere $55.

Just like any other Royal VKB product, their tablet cases provide users with a combination of multi-functional design and the highest quality. The cases will appeal to a large audience and thanks to their rather affordable price will find their way to lots of homes.


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