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A Chinese manufacturer specializing in smartphone and tablet accessories, Samdi strives to deliver the best possible quality at affordable prices. Their main specialization is Apple devices, and they do provide a range of Samdi tablet cases for these most popular tablets on the market. The manufacturer utilizes durable materials and strives to provide versatile functionality on top of great looks and decent impact protection in their cases.

iPad owners, looking to buy Samdi tablet cases can choose from a range of styles including tablet folio cases, tablet sleeves, and tablet envelope cases. The company is renowned for utilizing a range of durable materials combining protection with everyday functionality. The most popular cases are Origami-style folios, delivering an innovative way to recline tablets at a variety of viewing angles.

Virtually every user review of Samdi tablet cases, found online, describes how buyers were surprised to receive such a protective case for the rather simple cost. And attractive prices alone could be the very reason why Samdi cases are such a popular choice iPad owners.

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