Established 2006
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Large

M-Edge was founded in 2006 in order to respond to the exploding e-reader market’s demands for fashionable and protective accessories. The company strives to create products that reflect style and sophistication, while still maintaining total device protection. While certainly projecting a simple and straightforward statement, we wonder if they will be able to excite us with any of their products.

The fact is, with their large collection of M-Edge cases, the company offers some very attractive products that will grab your attention more firmly than their mission statement. They offer a wide-assortment of forms, colors, patterns, and materials that will satisfy a variety of personalities and function demands for an affordable price ($30-50). Their most popular product is the Jacket series, a clever book tablet case concept that is designed to resemble the jacket-sleeves of famous books.

This company’s name or projected image may not have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Just remember, like your parents and teachers once taught you, "never judge a book by its cover!" You will be surprised by what this company has to offer, which may ultimately inspire you to buy M-Edge tablet cases.


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