Established 2007
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Spell is a Dutch lifestyle design brand founded in 2007 and specializing in blending innovative furniture collections with lighting, decorative accessories, and various one-of-a-kind items to create truly unique objects. The company’s product line mostly consists of attractive furniture pieces and various small accessories, but lately the brand has also started to produce Spell tablet cases. The company strives to make the lives of their clients easier and joyful by creating products, which not only offer great looks, but also enhance the functionality they were initially built to provide.

There are a couple of unusual items for those looking to buy Spell tablet cases. Although they can be better described as furniture pieces, and can hardly qualify as tablet cases, they do serve similar purposes. Nomad – is a line of innovative tablet stand cases, which includes differently shaped coffee tables, night stands, and bar tables, each with carved hole to support a tablet. Another interesting item is the Embrace – a genially designed tablet stand case, which can offer great stability on previously unimagined places including couch and barcalounger arm rests. The cases are compatible with any Apple tablet and other similarly sized devices.

Innovative design solutions, amazing looks, everyday functionality, and premium materials, are the reasons behind Spell tablet cases popularity. In their designs the company is always looking how to simplify the lives of their customers by putting a smile on their faces.


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