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Established in 1998, this Sydney Australia-based company operates with a focus on creating more comfortable, secure and stylish means to transport your laptop. Don’t turn away just yet, because fortunately for you, STM Bags has also diversified their main interests to now offer a selection of STM Bags cases. With a thoughtful approach, the company takes the time to reassure that all of their products incorporate useful features that are designed to make life a bit easier for the consumer.

The company currently offers several STM Bags cases. With their zippered tablet sleeves and folio cases priced at $40-$50, the company will attract those of you who are in the market for a mid-range accessory. STM Bag’s selection of bags separate themselves from the others, as they are priced ($75-$90) to target mid to high-range consumers, and seemingly designed to attract the hip and trendy young professional and big-city dwellers.

Just one look and you will be glad that STM Bags decided to expand their primary interests and help you, the Apple iPad 2 owner. Similar to what they have achieved for laptops, the company has developed a comfortable, secure and stylish way to transport your device, which should ultimately inspire you to buy STM tablet cases.


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