Established 2012
Origin Hungary
Link Website
Product range Small

Totoya Creatures is a branch, or rather, a pedal of the Carnation Group, a Central Eastern European firm that creates digital solutions for curious clients. Planted in Budapest in 1997, this flower has grown from four individuals to currently 100+ employees and awards received, with its roots now extending to Bucharest, Belgrade and Vienna. Still blooming, the company launched Totoya Creatures cases in early 2012 to develop solutions for the most curious of all clients...toddlers!

From the distant island of Totoya come the YetYet and Robotto, two friendly creatures that merge with any generation iPad and spring to life once the free app (updated regularly) is downloaded from the company website. Young children will love the smart toy’s soft, cuddly feel and being entertained by its quirky animations and sounds. Parents will love these child- and iPad-safe tablet cases for kids because they can educate through touch controls like pan, swipe, tap, pinch and hold, as well as chimes, tunes and repeat voice effects for training musical qualities and a sense of rhythm.

For letting young, curious minds sprout, many parents should definitely be looking to buy Totoya Creatures tablet cases. The Carnation Group has even created an online database of bedtime stories... a clever way to convince your child to give back your iPad without any fuss!


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