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Southern California-based TouCoul was founded in 2010 by Tete Sedalo, a West Africa native who studied engineering in France. His background inspired part of the brand name, yet more importantly, it has a significant influence on all the TouCoul cases the company designs and manufactures for the Apple-user community.

For those who don’t speak French, the word “tou” means “the most”. And what the brand now offers, the CoulVue (4.4 rating; available for $69.99), is one of the most cool-looking car mounts with some of the coolest working function to boot. This design for the iPad, iPad 2, and new iPad, attaches to a majority of standard vehicle headrests. It features a multi-jointed arm that extends, tilts, and pans 180 degrees, as well as rotates the tablet display a full 360 degrees. The solution shares the iPad with multiple backseat passengers, making it an ideal fixture for family cars and/or car pool vehicles.

Read TouCoul tablet cases reviews and you learn why the CoulVue currently holds top billing on our list of tablet car mounts. Of course not everyone has a need for this particular case-style, and it is this reason that makes us hopeful the brand will soon introduce some more cool designs to target a broader base of iPad users to buy TouCoul tablet cases.

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