Established 1971
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Vivienne Westwood is an award-winning British fashion designer and businesswoman. In 1971, her second husband, Malcom McLaren, decided to open up a boutique called “Let It Rock”, and it was there Westwood created the clothes the McClaren conceived. This boutique changed names several more times over the years before finally becoming what it is today, “World Now”, where Westwood continues to sell her namesake label fashions and accessories.

This brand’s current seasonal collection includes one Vivienne Westwood iPad case, designed to fit either the iPad or iPad2. “The Black Squiggle” ($210) is a zippered tablet case using an embossed squiggle design that first made its appearance in Westwood’s “Pirate Collection” of the early 80’s. We didn’t spot any tablet case for ladies in the women’s collection, but clutches, purses and handbags can most likely accommodate some of the smaller, more compact tablet brands.

Vivienne Westwood’s claim to fame is being largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream. And her latest accessory, “The Black Squiggle” has a dark, sinister look that can turn your new wave device into a punk.


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