Established 1977
Origin ITALY
Link Website
Product range Large

Established back in 1977, Mandarina Duck is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality luggage accessories. Their products are popular with customers around the world thanks to creative designs, authentic premium materials, and functional construction. The company strives to create accessories that answer all travel needs of their users at the same time sporting attractive, contemporary designs. Their product portfolio includes a wide range of travel bags, handbags, backpacks, smaller accessories and, recently, Mandarina Duck tablet cases.

Tablet owners looking to buy Mandarina Duck tablet cases have a variety of choices available to them. Their impressive selection of cases includes items for any Apple tablet and a wide range of other similarly sized devices. The styles include tablet sleeves, tablet bags with handles and shoulder straps, tablet messenger bags and tablet portfolio cases. Prices range from $84 to $634.

Mandarina Duck tablet cases are renowned for the quality materials they are crafted from and the diverse functionality they offer to customers. Regardless of what style tablet owners go for, they will surely receive a tablet accessory that not only protects and enhances the use of their device, but that also features attractive, luxurious looks.


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