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Woodford Design is a new start-up company specializing in the design and manufacturing of iPhone and iPad accessories. As a small, emerging company, they aim to roll out new products on a regular basis, listening to what customers have to say in order to respond with more outstanding designs. As it stands, Woodford Design recognizes great design as something that is unique, innovative, stylish, and integrates technology into everyday life.

The company has four Woodford Design cases of interest to tablet case shoppers. The FridgePad ($55) is the ultimate fridge magnet, available in five colors - silver, cream, red, black and white. The MotoMount ($24) is a tablet car case for backseat display. The WallMount ($24) is exactly what its name implies. And the “Curve polished” ($103) is a tablet stand case that is described as, “the most elegant handcrafted tablet stand ever made.”

As a young company, Woodford Design is off to a promising start with a collection of functional, high-quality accessories that are priced to be very competitive. Praiseworthy Woodford Design tablet cases reviews will infer that this company does not need to go back to the drawing board any time soon.

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