Established 1983
Origin ITALY
Link Website
Product range Small

The history of the Italian luxury designer brand, Moschino, dates back to 1983. The company was started by Franco Moschino, and quickly made a name for itself thanks to the innovative, colorful, and eccentric designs. The designer is famous for creating outfits for the 2006 Torino Olympics opening ceremony, as well as designing looks for Kylie Minogue and Madonna. The luxury brand produces a wide range of items including men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, and recently Moschino tablet cases.

Currently there are only three choices available to those who wish to buy Moschino tablet cases. All three cases are tablet back protectors and are compatible with the iPad 2 and later generations. Two of the items sport the renowned “Touch Me!” slogan, and the third one sports the peace symbol. The back protectors are prices at $95.

Moschino tablet cases sport the same eccentric design the luxury lifestyle brand is known around the world for. Their tablet accessories will certainly complement other items from the designer’s collection, but can also work on their own, providing tablets with unique, attractive looks.


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