MS & CO.

Established 2010
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Product range Small

Established in 2010, MS & Co. is a Portland-based company that designs and markets a range of accessories, which include shoe bags, socks and carrying solutions for sunglasses and electronic devices. All of the products they offer are sourced and created in the USA, so it is only fitting that they project an All-American image with their old-West, vintage designs.

The company currently offers just one MS & Co. iPad case , a simple tablet sleeve that is made with denim material (White Oak Cone, a company that specializes in vintage denim products created this particular accessory.) While its design may primarily attract the country and western personality types, which may include many who live on fixed farm-subsidy, its price of $48 USD will definitely target the mid-range consumer.

This is a relatively young company, so we think it is only fair to ask that they be given more time to develop and expand their collection of accessories for this particular market. Although their designs appear to target a specific audience, we still suspect that many cowboys and cowgirls everywhere will want to saddle-up their device and buy MS & Co. tablet cases.


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