Established 2011
Product range Small

Y U No Sticker is just one guy, Justin, who has created three iPad2 decals and a website to promote them. The brand name asks a specific question, but we would prefer to ask Justin a different one than that. Curious minds would like to know some background information. Justin doesn’t say much, but just by looking at Y U No Sticker cases, we know he has a witty sense of humor.

Y U No Sticker iPad cases are designed for the iPad2. They can be applied to the iPad1, but will look slightly awkward because the character patterns plays off the Apple logo. The three choice designs are at low-point in cost ($10-$15), but at a high-point in being fun, clever and unique.

Fans of MadMen and Doctor Who TV shows are just some individuals who will be inspired to buy Y U No Sticker tablet cases. One final question to ask Justin would be if he plans on delivering some more distinctive tablet skin designs to the market.


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