Established 2007
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Small

Unsatisfied with what the market had to offer, Vers was established to create a more efficient compact sound system (earphones), of better quality. Ever since their foundation, this company has maintained a focus on three core values: thoughtful design, best-in-class quality and a pursuit of environmental sustainability. In addition to their originating innovations, Vers has expanded their interests by creating tablet cases for the mobile electronics market.

The company has developed just 2 Vers iPad cases, the Shellcase for iPad 1 and the Slimcase for iPad 2. These simple functioning tablet stand cases are priced at $80 USD to target the mid to high-end consumer. Perhaps their cost may be perceived a high amount to pay for such basic function, but these are in fact handmade tablet cases that incorporate all-natural US hardwood, walnut or bamboo .

As a ‘green’ company, Vers specializes in creating eco-friendly accessories made from recyclable materials and all-natural fibers. Those of you who take a minimalistic approach toward life, and are concerned about reducing your carbon-footprint, should definitely look to this particular company and consider to buy Vers tablet cases.


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