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Native Union, a manufacturer of innovative solutions for mobile electronic gadgets, was founded in 2009 in Hong Kong. The company strives to combine form and function in their product to enhance the communication experience of their clients. The inspiration comes from a pool of creative designers and engineering talents from every part of the planet, who work together to achieve the best results in innovation and design. The company’s product line includes a range of accessories for smartphones and other gadgets including Native Union tablet cases.

Device owners looking to buy Native Union tablet cases are free to choose between Gripster ($50) – a versatile back protector with a multi-functional handle, and Curve Twin ($100) – a tablet charging and speaker dock with a phone handset attached to it. The cases are compatible with the iPad 2 and later models. The company’s selection of speakers and handsets is also compatible with any tablet, but those are rather accessories than cases.

Constant attention to the latest innovations, as well as creative and functional designs has helped Native Union tablet cases take their place among some of the best tablet accessories on the market. Quality materials and careful attention to every detail ensure the cases will stand the test of time and enhance the lives of their owners.


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