Established 2007
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VAGX is a Korean fashion designer label established in 2007 and specializing in modern urban apparel. The company’s items are designed with the younger generation in minds, and most of their items offer sporty, casual looks. The brand’s product line includes clothing items for both men and women, as well as a wide range of accessories from bags to baseball caps, and from belts to wallets. Recently the company has also started to focusing on the electronic gadgets creating smartphone accessories and VAGX tablet cases.

Active tablet owners looking to buy VAGX tablet cases have several choices before them. The styles include tablet bags with handles and shoulder straps, tablet messenger bags, and tablet backpacks of all shapes and sizes. Their cases can accommodate all Apple tablets and a wide range of similarly sized devices. Prices range from $40 to $375.

Young tablet owners leading active lifestyles will certainly appreciate the versatility and stylish looks of VAGX tablet cases. The company’s products not only offer premium quality and are made of top-notch materials, but also deliver multi-functional uses and attractive modern looks.


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