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Adroitly LLC makes accessories you’ll go nuts about, starting with their debut product, “The Crazy Cradle”. CEO Brett Andres founded the Florida-based company in order to create innovative, functional Crazy Cradle cases that let tablet users enjoy their device without any limitations. Better still, all products are designed to be universal. So when upgrading and/or switching tablets, Adroitly cases will remain consistent from brand to brand.

What has four arms and legs, yet holds perfectly still? The Crazy Cradle tablet case ($25). This unique design has ultra-soft, pliable arms that contort to fit any device. The legs are also bendable for adapting to range of situations, whether at home or on the go. There is a vinyl tip on each limb to prevent slipping on smooth desk/tabletop surfaces. This tablet stand can also be wrapped around the leg, or fitted to a vehicle headrest for use as a car mount.

Adroitly has created a truly unique and versatile tablet case solution. Even better, is that they have attached a low price tag on it. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if many consumers felt a crazy urge to buy Crazy Cradle tablet cases. And we are eagerly awaiting to see what the company will develop next to try and top this debut product.


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