Established 2011
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Tabu was established in Hong Kong in 2011 as a manufacturer of innovative mobile and computer gadget accessories. The company strives to combine design and function in their products, at the same targeting a wide base of customers by keeping an affordable price range. Their product line includes various accessories for smartphones, computers, and other gadgets including Tabu tablet cases.

Owners of all Apple tablet models as well as a wide range of similar sized devices can choose to buy Tabu tablet cases. Besides a range of smaller accessories such as cables and styluses, their styles include a couple of tablet sleeve models ($39-$40) and a tablet waterproof case ($25). The cases are available in a number of attractive color options, allowing every tablet owner to pick the one that best suits their style.

Tabu tablet cases combine attractive design and versatile functionality for their users, at the same time aiming to bring a little color into tablet owners’ everyday lives. Affordable price range ensures their accessories are within reach for a wide base of clients.


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