Established 2010
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SmallWorks is an American company established in 2010 and focusing on design and manufacturing of LEGO-compatible accessories for mobile devices. Apparently, the idea for such unique accessories came from a 12-year-old, who wanted to combine LEGO brinks with an iPhone. The company has gradually grown to produce not only smartphone accessories, but SmallWorks tablet cases as well.

The company’s products are designed to bring a bit of fun and excitement to everyday lives. Those wishing to buy SmallWorks tablet cases, currently have only one option: the BrickCase for iPad Mini. Besides the genius design and LEGO-compatibility, the tablet folio case sports built-in auto sleep/wake functionality, and great all-round protection. they are priced at $40.

SmallWorks tablet cases will certainly make a great gift for any LEGO fan from small children to serious adults. The cases combine great protection and functionality we love about tablet folios with unusual LEGO-compatibility. While the current range is limited to iPad Mini, cases for other tablets are also planned.


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