Established 2007
Origin JAPAN
Link Website  
Product range Large

Established in 2007, Simplism is a Japanese company that designs and develops peripherals and accessories for the Apple products marketplace. The Simplism logo is meant to symbolize the brand mission, which is:

to design lifestyle-enhancing accessories that are as simple as possible - ‘plus’ something unique to enhance the value of each product.

While +Simplism is focused on creating user-friendly products, they are equally committed to making them budget-friendly by maintaining an affordable price-range.

The collection of Simplism iPad cases will attract many with their varying functionality and usability. They currently offer a line of tablet skins, tablet protectors, tablet sleeves, screen protectors and waterproof tablet cases. Most are priced ($15-40USD) to target the low-end consumers. But some of their accessories are leather cases, and the fact that they offer a mid-range cost ($50-60) for superior quality shall confirm the company’s commitment to maintain affordability.

The simple bottom line remains, Simplism is ready to answer the demands of many consumers. If you are indeed a lucky and proud owner of the hottest new Apple device, then you should look to this company in order to locate a compatible solution, which should lead you to buy Simplism tablet cases.


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