Established 2003
Origin OHIO, USA
Link Website
Product range Small

With an attention toward detail, Seagull Bags strives to make the most comfortable, durable, practical and aesthetically beautiful bags for use in all walks of life. Established in 2003 by Daniel McKewen, the company has gained international acclaim for their intuitive designs and friendly, attentive staff that works directly with clients in building customized Seagull Bags cases to meets individual specifications and demands.

The Seagull Bags boasts a large selection of courier bags, available in 6 different sizes that range in price from $95 to $210. The product line also consists of backpacks, hip packs, cell phone holsters and other accessories. For use with Seagull messenger bags, the brand offers some neoprene sleeves for laptop computers ($25). At this time, Seagull Bags doesn’t have anything specifically designed for a tablet computer, but as a company that specializes in customizable solutions, we think all you have to do is simply ask.

Seagull Bags began with one guy working in his basement trying to build the perfect bag, and has grown into an international brand known for durability and smart design. They have developed a one-of-a-kind strap adjustment system that many others have copied. But don’t settle for an imitation, instead go straight to the original source and buy Seagull Bags tablet cases.


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