Established 1996
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With a name that is derived from the words professional and portable, this company has experienced many changes before becoming what it is today. It all started in 1996 with the formation of PalmTec, a company that was founded to produce the only hard case for the Psion computer. In 2000, the UK-based company launched Scribble to cater to the new tablet-style PDA market. In 2002, PalmTec and Scribble rebranded to form Proporta, which now specializes in offering a full-line of accessories for many electronic devices.

The company boasts a large collection of Porporta tablet cases, and unlike most of their competition, they can accommodate a variety of tablet PC brands. From £8 to £35, these accessories maintain some of the most affordable and competitive prices you will find on the market. In addition to satisfying your wallet, this company offers a wide-assortment of styles that will satisfy nearly any demand you may have for function and usability.

While most companies center their attention on the popular iPad , Proporta shall be considered a haven for owners of all tablet computer brands. With many years of experience in the electronics industry, this company now promotes a formidable selection of products that can inspire anyone to buy Proporta tablet cases.


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