Amazon Kindle Keyboard


Operating System Linux
Dimension (in) 4.8 x .34 x 7.5
Weight (lb) 0.50
Screen (in) 6
Resolution (px) 600x400
Touchscreen -

WiFi, 3G, USB                                                                           

Battery Life 340+ hrs

The Amazon Kindle Keyboard (aka Kindle 3) is a standard-setter in the ebook reader world, and the third edition of its device is the best version yet, with little improvement necessary – or even imaginable, outside of possibly providing some color for illustrated books.

Most notable on the most recent version of the Kindle is the graphite finish and even lighter weight, making the ebook reader even more convenient to hold and carry. The 6” screen is a marvel at reducing glare – thereby making up for a lack of back-lighting – and has become just about the exact size of a paperback without the thickness.

All the control buttons on the Amazon Kindle Keyboard have been embedded into the bezel to further reduce on space, and the keyboard has been reduced to eliminate numbers; to enter such symbols, the user needs to call up the menu and select from there. This makes things a bit less convenient in terms of entering digits, but this really won’t be happening all that often, except in actually ordering ebooks – and even this may be done from a computer, with files automatically received by the Kindle once in the presence of a WiFi connection.

Storage is up to 4 GB, which allows for the porting of some 3,500 books, and in the most notable addition for the Amazon Kindle’s third edition, contrast has been improved as well.

In summary, the Amazon Kindle Keyboard remains the leader in ebook readers and it’s hard to see how this elegant device can further improve – after color is put in, of course.

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