Apple iPad 3


Operating System Apple iOS
Dimension (in) 7.3 x .37 x 9.5
Weight (lb) 1.46
Screen (in) 9.7
Resolution (px) 2048 x 1536
Touchscreen Capacitive

Camera, Bluetooth, HD Video, WiFi, 4G LTE, GPS, Sim Card, USB 

Battery Life 10.5 hrs

Pricefrom $384.00

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Released in mid-March 2012, the New iPad naturally generated huge interest among the tech-savvy crowd and “Apple Zombies” alike. And why not? After all, the market leader in tablet PCs has not let users down thus far – nor has Apple disappointed with the Apple iPad 3. (Edit: As of November 2012, the model has been renamed to iPad with Retina display, aka iPad 4, and now includes a faster processor and lightning charge connector.)

At first glance, the New iPad looks like its predecessor – a lot like its predecessor, in fact. In size, the latest Apple tablet is almost identical to the iPad 2 at 9.5” x 7.33” x 0.37” (24.1cm x 18.6cm x 0.9cm). The New iPad is a tiny bit heavier than the iPad 2 with a weight of 1.4 lbs (0.6 kg), and battery life of 10.5 hours on full use is the same.

Those who swear by Apple are surely pleased to note that the New iPad is more of the same – and is all the better for it. The resolution on the iPad 2’s already high-quality 9.7” touchscreen has been increased to 264ppi, offering truly amazing picture quality. Apple PR claims their screen might be called a “retina screen” and is “twice as sharp” as other leading models’. We don’t know about that, but it does look very, very nice.

Noteworthy too is the iPhoto application which, in connection with iCloud, can offer full-on professional-level photo and video editing. Apple has also positioned itself well in the tablet PC market by equipping the New iPad with a 5MP camera that can record video of 1080px.

The processor in the New iPad, Apple’s own A5X, is also cutting-edge. This processor is billed by Apple as “twice as fast” as the highly-regarded Tegra 3 in many high-end tablet PCs. We don’t know about that, but the New iPad runs very,very smoothly and quickly.

There are far more nifty applications in the New iPad (including voice dictation software that supports three English dialects and three other languages) to mention in this space, but we’ll say in brief that they are very, veryimpressive.

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