“Card slot” may refer to a specific cutout for credit cards and/or business cards provided in a tablet case. This feature is increasingly being seen in the business environment as a near-necessity for those using a tablet in the office. Regardless of style, the card slot will typically be set on the inside front cover and should be among the most accessible of all pockets for easy insertion/removal of cards.

Card slots appear in the great majority of portfolio and folio cases in leather, faux-leather and synthetic materials, but this handy accessory has spread to other case styles as well. Some card slots are simple cutouts, while some cases may feature a pocket-style slot.
In such tablet cases, the prospective owner will want to check the stitching fastening this pocket to the interior – after all, the card slot will most likely be among the most-used features of the case and these should last for the long term.


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