Thanks to the overwhelming, trend-setting popularity of the various Apple iPads, a number of SmartCover-influenced tablet cases now include an auto sleep/wake feature. The sleep/wake feature in a given tablet case should essentially work as well as Apple’s branded SmartCover. As in the SmartCover, the feature is activated with a magnet embedded on the tablet case’s interior. When opened and closed, the tablet should turn on/off instantly. If this produces the characteristic clicking sound that indicates the sleep/wake function, all the better.

Naturally, the sleep/wake function is seen in any SmartCover-like tablet accessory, but the feature may be found in a sizable number of folios and portfolio cases designed specifically for iPads -- virtually any custom-designed case which includes a cover or lid will also include the handy magnet.

And that magnet activating the feature should be hidden without bulging. Perhaps the key factors in buying auto sleep/wake tablet cases are the simultaneous strength of the magnet and its near invisibility; a proper case with sleep/wake feature must meet both needs. And unfortunately for those with non-Apple tablet models, the auto sleep/wake feature isn't seen in many cases.


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