Solar-powered cases are particularly notable for their convenience in recharging and powering up, especially for those often using their tablets outdoors. Solar tablet cases typically feature the familiar small panels of the calculator either on the exterior or interior of the case. A rechargeable battery pack is embedded into the solar tablet case and powers up with access to sunlight.

Solar powered tablet cases are increasingly seen on the market, beginning with full-on backpacks and messenger bags; these styles don’t even require the user to remove the tablet to charge. Solar panels may be found on simpler case styles as well, including folio and sleeve models. Most models will fold up to encase the tablet and, in some cases, the panels as well.

Beyond often high retail prices, the real concern about solar-powered tablet cases is about exposure to ultraviolet light. While the energy-absorbing panels are designed to handle this light, tablet touchscreens are not. The proper solar tablet case must therefore include some defense for the screen as well.


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