For some tablet owners, the stylus remains the preferred method of data entry. The pen-like object can often be more precise in selecting options from drop-down menus and may be used for drawing while eliminating that often distressing smearing and smudging on the touchscreen. Many tablet case designers/manufacturers provide a stylus holder feature in their cases and may even include a new stylus in addition.

In a tablet case, the stylus holder may be outwardly similar to a pen holder, i.e. as a simple loop or thin pocket attached to the case interior. The proper stylus holder must of necessity be slimmer and, in the case of a pocket type, shorter than a traditional pen holder. The material used in a given stylus holder depends on the case's makeup, and can be any material from polyurethane to leather which is appropriately thin enough. The stylus holder is most commonly found in folio tablet cases and portfolio tablet cases, as well as a fair number of tablet bags and carriers.

The advantages of this feature are obvious for those who swear by their styli. The main disadvantage could be considered as the slight uptick in price which may be seen in some tablet cases with stylus holder, but lower-priced such items are commonly seen enough.


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