Silicon tablet cases provide basic protection for tablets at a weight lighter than plastic models and are available in a wide range of case styles. Most silicon cases do well in resistance to outside elements and everyday impacts, knocks and bumps; these case are also noted for the nice tactile feel in most models. The inorganic compound also for a nice smooth plastic-like finish, but without the more slippery feel of some plastic tablet holders.

As essentially a substitute for plastic or polymers, silicon cases may be found in any case style where a plastic version exists, from folios to sleeves and beyond. A silicon case typically cradles the tablet with an easy snap-in fit and provides access to ports molded right into the back cover so that the user doesn't need to fully remove the tablet from the case.

Another nice advantage in tablet silicone cases is in its ease of cleaning. Thanks to the smooth, non-cellular finish, most cases may be simply wiped clean with some sort of standard household cleaner and will not suffer from streaking or cloudiness sometimes experienced in simpler plastic tablet cases.


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