Felt cases can sheathe the tablet comfortably and stylishly with a sheer look and distinctive tactile feel. Felt cases are often made by providers of custom tablet cases or luxury cases, but quite a few mass-market products in felt are also readily available.

The most common case styles among felt tablet cases is probably the tablet sleeve, with many in this range also including a small pocket for accessory storage. There are some felt cases designed as folios, which feature an integrated tablet stand to provide a base for a separate keyboard or mouse accessory. A wide range of colors and styles are naturally available, with some personalized styles as well. Closing locks and/or straps are typically made of leather or faux-leather to accent to the case while providing some sturdiness, and a felt case may be lined with some sort of polymer for a bit more overall support.

The downside to watch out for in felt tablet cases is of course the material itself. Felt is one of those materials requiring specializes cleaning, so the prospective owner will have to take care of these models.


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