As a material for any consumer product, leather has several distinct advantages ranging from durability to sheer feel. But the disadvantages are also immediately apparent: Leather goods can be prohibitively expensive and animal-based production is questionable for many. Faux-leather tablet cases seek to approximate the look, feel and durability of leather tablet cases that are cruelty-free and typically about half as expensive.

Faux leather cases generally reproduce all the pluses and minuses of their true-leather counterparts in terms of durability and look. Like the material itself, faux leather cases duplicate the designs and styles found in leather – nearly any sort of tablet case style may be found in faux leather. In terms of protection, most fake leather case interiors are made from fairly inflexible material for a bit more support.

Users interested in faux leather tablet cases should take note as to whether the case’s material has been treated or not. A primary problem with faux leather cases is their susceptibility to superficial damage such as scratches. While synthetics may automatically be a bit more resistant than leather, the best faux leather tablet cases will have been treated for further toughness.

This category is featured in our annual Tablet2Cases Golden Case Awards. Check out past winners and nominees for Best Faux-Leather Case in 2012.


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