In tablet cases, the button lock is a familiar and typically quite reliable method of enclosure. Three types of button are predominant within this sort of tablet lock: clothing-style, magnetic, and button clips.

The clothing-style button is exactly what it sounds like. In a natural or synthetic fiber tablet case, one or more seamed slots are worked into the exterior with the button on another side of the case inserted into this/these. In some cases with clothing-style buttons, a popped-off button may be re-stitched onto the material – or even replaced.

Magnetic buttons are becoming more commonly seen as tablet case locks, probably due to the overwhelming popularity of Smart Cover cases and the Apple iPad’s design itself. These can provide tight enclosure with little worry of wear or breakage, but a would-be purchaser of such a case would be well advised to make sure that the magnets are strong enough to hold the case together properly when carrying.

Finally, button clips are featured on quite a few portfolios, folio cases and styles which include integrated stands. Material makeup of these clips varies greatly, with plastic, rubberized synthetics and polycarbonate just a few examples.


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