Magnetic tablet cases are those opened and closed by way of embedded magnet locks, a far more durable, sturdy and user-friendly solution than snaps or Velcro. When carrying around the tablet, magnet locks should provide a firm fit to secure the device and disallow slippage without extra clips or fasteners needed.

Materials and looks of magnetic tablet cases are about as varied as any other sort of carrier: leather, faux-leather, neoprene and even plastic-polymer materials may make up the magnetic tablet case’s exterior.

In terms of sheer convenience, magnetic cases may be the all-around leaders among locking options for tablet cases, but what can really make the magnetic case advantageous is the extra functionality offered in some designs. A few use the embedded magnets to help form a foldout stand, and in iPad smart covers, the magnets are used to attach the case to tablet and also allow for the tablet’s auto sleep/wake function whenever the cover is opened or closed.


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