The “tablet backpack” may be defined as a bag that has compartments specifically for the device (typically 10” and 11” models) or that provide extra convenience in using and/or toting the tablet.

Just as in standard bags, backpacks for tablets are recognized by the familiar double-strap design, zippered interior and some number of pockets and pouches. These backpacks may be made of various materials from synthetics and canvas to rubber and leather. With product designers keeping the device in mind in tablet backpacks, many models offer some general water-resistance. And tablet backpacks made of recycled material and solar-powered cases are becoming more prevalent.

The key component of any tablet backpack will be the storage space devoted to the device. A proper backpack will include a tight fit for the tablet with some protective padding, and further securing mechanisms may also be included. Pockets are also of high importance so that appropriate accessories may be carried along with the tablet.


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