Originally created by Apple Inc. for its iPad tablets, the now nearly standard accessory known as the smart cover is a thin front piece which helps protect the touchscreen when not in use.

The smart cover is further distinguished by an embedded magnet which triggers the auto sleep/wake feature, a hinged magnet attaching the cover to the iPad, and the tri-fold design which makes for a foldout stand. The cover may thereby be unfolded to set the tablet into various upright positions for viewing or use. The material in smart cover cases is always thin and lightweight for easy portability of the iPad, and is typically made of some combination of polyurethane and/or textile.

The drawback to these products is that they offer no protection for the tablet’s backside, though several manufacturers are now producing compatible back protectors and few offer smart covers with inbuilt back protectors. Also note: Smart cover cases are for iPads only.


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