Operating System Android 2.2 / Windows 7
Dimension (in) 10.8 x .57 x 6.7
Weight (lb) 1.90
Screen (in) 10.1
Resolution (px) 1024 x 600
Touchscreen Capacitive

Bluetooth, Camera; Headphone, Micro SD, USB; WiFi

Battery Life 4 hrs

The ViewSonic ViewPad 10's main selling point is in its distinctive double OS schema. This one boots up both Android 2.2 and Windows 7 operating systems upon startup. Unfortunately, this doesn’t turn out to be as much as an advantage as some users might suspect because both operating systems run rather sluggishly.

In terms of hardware, the ViewPad 10 falls short of certain industry standards at its recommended price as well. The tablet is billed as including 16 GB of SSD storage, but this drops to around 3 GB when both Android and Windows are booted. Fairly average specs become highly important when using the ViewPad 10 then and luckily the micro SD port can increase memory by up to another 32 GB.

A curious lack of an off-screen control for volume in the ViewPad 10 is hardly convenient. The 10.1” high-resolution screen is nice enough with its great responsiveness but ultimately weighs the tablet down at 1.9 pounds (over 0.9 kilograms). Quite a few reviews have complained about the WiFi connection on the ViewPad 10 as well, and we were not particularly impressed with this aspect of the tablet, either. Users shouldn’t have to reboot and troubleshoot this simple function, given the price tag on the ViewPad 10.

In summary, this is perhaps the main problem with the ViewPad 10. While this tablet performs its single advantageous function – rapidly switching between Android and Windows – extremely well, the ViewPad 10 to among the bottom in this price range thanks to too many shortcomings.

Tablet2Cases recommends to buy it now for $479.

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