Asus VivoTab 8


Operating System Windows 8.1
Dimension (in) 4.9 x 0.35 x 8.3
Weight (lb) 0.73
Screen (in) 8.0
Resolution (px) 1280 x 800
Touchscreen IPS LCD Capacitive

Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi connectivity; front and rear cameras; micro USB port, MicroSD slot; Accelerometer; Gyroscope

Battery Life 8 hrs

Pricefrom $199.00

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Meet the Asus VivoTab 8 (M81C). It’s a new 8 inch Windows tablet with an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, but no digital pen and a few other differences which mean it’ll probably sell for even less than the already-affordable VivoTab Note 8 when it hits the streets.

For dimensions it’s 8.8 mm thick, which is alright for a 8-inch budget tablet, while the weight is 330 gram. For the first time we are seeing color options on the 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablets too. They used to be all black, but Asus is manufacturing Asus VivoTab 8 (M81C) tablets in not only black, but also white, purple, and gold.

The 8-inch IPS screen offers 1280x800 pixels. That is not too lavish, but is perfectly usable under Windows, as long as you stick to the touch applications from the Windows Start screen.

The Asus Vivotab 8 M81C-1B010W is a simple 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet. It offers enough performance for office and internet-related applications. Thanks to the full-fledged Windows installation, it's also possible to use normal desktop applications. The tablet barely warms up at all and offers a reasonably good battery life. Additionally, Asus outfitted the device with a bright, high-contrast IPS display with stable viewing angles.

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