HP Pro Tablet 408 G1


Operating System Windows 8.1
Dimension (in) 5.5 x .35 x 8.5
Weight (lb) 0.82
Screen (in) 8.0
Resolution (px) 1280 x 800
Touchscreen IPS LCD Capacitive

Bluetooth v4.0, Wi-Fi/3G connectivity; Optional SIM; Front- and rear-cameras; microB-USB port; microSD slot; micro-HDMI port; Accelerometer; HP Active Pen                          

Battery Life 8 hrs

On the other end of the spectrum is the HP Pro Tablet 408, an 8-inch Windows tablet that brings mobility and business capability in an affordable and compact package.

by PCMag

The first thing you'll notice about the 408 G1 is how small and light it is. At just 8.4 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide and a whopping 0.35 inches thick, this is one of the thinnest tablets on the market.

The tablet will be standard with an eight inch IPS screen rated at a resolution of 1200 x 800, which works out to 180 pixels per inch. Front and rear camera are included, with a 2MP HD lens on the front, and an 8MP shutter on the rear. The 408 G1 also rocks a fully functional version of Windows 8.1 Pro, so all your applications and cloud needs will be taken care of from the moment you flip it on.

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