Operating System Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Dimension (in) 5.6 x .31 x 7.9
Weight (lb) 0.77
Screen (in) 8
Resolution (px) 1024 x 768
Touchscreen LCD Capacitive

Bluetooth v4.0; Wi-Fi connectivity; Front- and rear-cameras; Micro USB; MicroSD

Battery Life 5 hrs

Pricefrom $109.00

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Another tablet you might consider is the Le Pan Mini. Its an 8" with a 4:3 ratio (or close to it). IPS panel with 1024 x 768 resolution. Quad core 1.2 GHz. Super thin and light. I'm getting about 8 hours at least on a charge.

The display, for not being a IPS or Retina is actually very nice. Bright and crisp, the viewing angels are great they simply fade a little instead of the sepia/monchrome nightmare. It doesn;t need that "perfect position" to watch.

Overall the Le Pan Mini does not disappoint. The design can easily fit in a work environment and the performance makes it a great game and media experience. Finding a tablet within $50 of the Mini that has all the features and quality of the Le Pan Mini TC802A is a tall order.

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