HP ProPad 600 G1


Operating System Windows 8.1
Dimension (in) 10.2 x .39 x 7.1
Weight (lb) 1.44
Screen (in) 10.1
Resolution (px) 1920 x 1200
Touchscreen Capacitive

Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi connectivity; front and rear cameras; micro USB port, MicroSD, MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC, Accelerometer                          

Battery Life 10 hrs

Pricefrom $739.00

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The ProPad 600 G1 from HP is created with business users in mind and designed for sharing and communicating with colleagues in style. Forgetting the hype for the professional appearance, how does it actually perform and what is included?

Windows 8.1 is pre-installed, the tablet proves versatile with specific options structured for either 64bit or 32bit units. Both options include Intel Atom quad core processors at 1.6 GHz or 1.4GHz. These both seem decent. It also serves up a respectable 4 GB in memory or 2 GB with the 32bit model, both of which allow some heavy use of intensive apps for designing or creating.

The one thing that stands out, apart from the huge price tag of course, is the ability to add up to a massive 2 Terabyte of storage in the SDcard slot while other models only allow up to 64Gb SDcards . This tablet offers some serious storage for the professional.

A 10.1” screen will prove popular and allow plenty of screen real estate for showing the best of your portfolio or a presentation for clients and the good resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels will be sure to impress them with crystal clear images and vibrant colors. The thing we don’t like about the HP ProPad 600 is the wide frame; it really could have used more of the face as screen space instead. Still, it’s a great performer with decent specifications, but that price tag will sting you.

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