Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD


Operating System Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Dimension (in) 6.9 x .35 x 10.1
Weight (lb) 1.30
Screen (in) 10
Resolution (px) 1920 x 1200
Touchscreen IPS LCD Capacitive

Bluetooth v3.0, Wi-Fi/HSPA/LTE connectivity; Mini-SIM; Front- and rear-camera; MicroUSB; MicroSD; Accelerometer                         

Battery Life 7.5 hrs

When it was teased earlier this year, Huawei's MediaPad 10 was shaping up to be a screamer. But in the slow crawl to market, its cutting-edge specs became commonplace for the Android tablet space. Sure, the combination of a quad-core proprietary CPU, full HD 1,920 x 1,200 IPS display, Android 4.0, a 6,600mAh battery and up to 32GB of storage means this has the makings of a stellar slate.

But enough about speakers and two-tone back panels, that’s hardly the best that the MediaPad 10 has to offer. Power it up and you are greeted with the tab’s 10.1-inch FHD IPS display rated with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, or more than enough to reproduce 1080p quality video and graphics.

The manufacturer's quad-core processor and 16-core graphics card are to ensure the performance of Huawei's MediaPad 10. The tablet lags behind the competition with 8 GB internal storage. The capacity can be increased by 32 GB via an SD card. However, many apps cannot be moved to it and the storage capacity could get tight.

The camera is OK, certainly nothing to write home about. It's utterly blown away by competitors such as the HTC Jetstream and the Google Nexus 10 tablet from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1's camera takes the Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD to the cleaners even though the Note has 5 megapixels under the hood and the MediaPad has 8 - food for thought.

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