The iPad Mini Spins the Atlas Inside the New STM Bags Folio Case

STM Bags created the Apple iPad Mini 4 version of their super-popular tablet accessory – Atlas. The folio tablet case delivers low profile, ultra-light weight, but great levels of impact and bump protection. The case also sports a built-in tablet stand offering a multitude of stable viewing angles. Magnets, integrated in the cover activate the auto sleep/wake functionality and act as a magnetic lock keeping the case secured during travel. The textured fabric cover is not only great against bumps and bruises, it also delivers classy looks, worthy of the tablet the case is set to protect.

About STM Bags:

Founded in 1998 just outside Sydney, Australia in the famous suburb of Bondi Beach, our mission was, and still remains; to come up with a more comfortable, secure and stylish means of transporting your digital gear. Today, STM makes a variety of laptop bags, packs, fitted tablet and phone cases. All designed to make life a bit more worry free. Trying somehow to conceal the fact that he worked in the IT Department was a bit of daunting task for STM's co-founder. A sea of boring black bags that screamed, "I work for the Man." was not really helping. The solution of the laptop wrapped in bubble wrap and tucked into a hiking pack resulted in the classic "There's got to be a better way!" The rest, as they say is history.

Our mission is to come up with a more comfortable, secure and stylish means of transporting your digital gear. We sweat the details almost to an absurd level. This level of focus, we hope, makes us very good at what we do.

We get that a lot. Founded in Sydney, Australia with offices in Poway, CA, the UK and Shanghai, China, chances are no matter what time zone you live in, someone from STM is always working on the next perfect bag, or enjoying happy hour.

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