Apple Tablets Enjoy Fabuleux Specialty Edition Folio Cases

Fabuleux Cases presented Specialty Edition – a sturdy folio tablet case available in a number of sizes to fit Apple tablets from iPad Mini to Apple iPad Pro. Crafted from vegan croc leather, the case delivers great protection from everyday bumps and bruises and also provides striking looks. The case is constructed from tough cardboard on the inside and is covered with high-quality vinyl and is also lined with microsuede to prevent scratches. The tablet is attached by a simple snap-on mechanism made from flexible silicone facilitating removal. The case also comes with ergonomic tablet stand offering a variety of angles. All ports and buttons can be accessed freely while the device is inside the case.

About Fabuleux Cases:

I love designing and business so why not put them together? I started as a wedding dress designer in 2007, and transition to accessories and home design after few years. I studied both interior and fashion design which helped me with technical skills as well as developed my sense of design aesthetic.

This is my job! I start my day with coffee, plan my goals for the day, make stuff and the best part is... I get to take a nap when I am tired! I design and manufacture everything myself. My goal is to take this business into a higher level and hire local talents to help me grow my business and stimulate the local economy. I would love to own a loft studio (or building) with lots and lots of natural light.... by the beach.

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