Tucano Takes the iPad Pro to the Moon In the Luna Tablet Bag

The latest tablet bag from Tucano is a high-class accessory made from durable nylon and covered in splash-proof material. Luna can fit any tablet device up to Apple iPad Pro in size and will also accommodate any laptop up to 13”. Unique material allows the bag to provide excellent protective capabilities, at the same time remaining extra lightweight. The front panel of the case is fully reflective making it perfect for bicycle rides in the dark. The case can be worn in many ways: as a backpack, thanks to two comfy shoulder straps, as a bag, thanks to the top handle, and there’s even an adjustable chest strap for extra comfort. Besides the main laptop or tablet compartment closed up by a zipper lock, there are additional zippered pockets on the front and sides.

About Tucano:

Our story begins in the hectic market of Milan during the 1980s, when the very air itself seemed full of promise. The city still inspires a desire to create, and every idea seems possible. In the 1980s, the digital revolution was just dawning.

This was where Tucano was born. The company looked closely at the rise of personal computing and saw an effectively virgin market. Tucano launched some products for carrying the first portable computer in history: the now-legendary Apple Macintosh Plus, designed by Steve Jobs and his team.

We are talking about a world of true pioneers, but Apple’s fans at the time took notice of Tucano and sales quickly rose. The focus on Apple products was therefore an early contribution to Tucano’s DNA.

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