Tablet2Cases Sends Grown-ups on the Easter Egg Hunt for Power Cards

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Easter Bunny has already hidden his eggs all over the place, and kids are anxious to get on the hunt for them. While children are after chocolate and other treats, we here at Tablet2Cases decided to give grown-ups all over the world something to hunt for this Easter too.

While chocolate might not be that exciting for big boys and girls, we thought that power cards certainly might be! Oh and the best part of this hunt is – you won’t know which power card you've got, until you've opened your package! It's up to our shipping bunnies! :)


And just like any hunt, there are steps to get to the prize. Please read them carefully.

It's quite easy! Once you've received the message like the one above in your email inbox, click on it and opens in a new tab - >browse for the perfect case for you and place an order! This promotion is exclusive for our newsletter subscribers - so make sure you signup for the newsletter first ;)

Besides receiving a great accessory worth up to $15.95 this Easter, all orders of $40 and above come with free shipping. Is that not a reason enough to enjoy Easter and give a carrot or two to the Bunny?

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Check out the prize our Tablet2Cases Bunny will be giving out this Easter:


Cooper Power Card Pro Universal Powerbank

Universally compatible with all tablets and smartphones powered through Micro USB, the Power Card Pro from Cooper Cases is an accessory to have in a fast-paced modern world. The power bank comes with 1000mAh capacity and features a built-in Micro USB output meaning there’s no need for cable to charge your device. Having additional power source for your smartphone will certainly prove handy when you’re on the actual Easter Egg hunt with your kids and need to use your flashlight app extensively.


Cooper Power Card Universal Portable Powerbank

The original Cooper Power Card is compatible with almost every tech gadget out there. Provided you have the right converter, you can charge Android, iOS, and Windows devices with this power bank. Featuring 1350mAh battery, the power card will extend the lifespan of your smartphone by up to 150%, just think how many photos and videos of your kids hunting for Easter Eggs you can take with its help! The Micro USB output is built-in, so if you’re not an Apple fan – you don’t need a separate cable to charge your device.

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