5 Best Tablet Cases on the Market Today


Tablets are becoming as prevalent in homes as television sets and smartphones. They are less expensive than computers, can be easily taken on vacations and have a plethora of uses from work to play. Choosing what tablet to buy is a big decision and takes research and planning. But once the tablet is in the home people have a hard time choosing what case best meets their needs. So what is the right tablet case for you? Check out the 5 best tablet cases on the market today and decide which is best for your device.




Cooper Diplomat Universal Rotating Portfolio Case


Folio cases work by folding in half to protect the tablet. The cover folds up and covers the screen, the most vulnerable part of the device. The tablet clicks into the case and is protected on all sides. It latches together using a magnet, elastic bands or velcro and the cover often folds back to create a stand for the tablet. This allows the device to stand on its own. This case is a perfect choice for people who want to stay organized as it frequently contains a pocket for papers and slots that fit credit or ID cards. 





Mujjo Originals Collection Envelope Case for Apple iPad


Sleeve cases provide limited protection for the tablet. They are built to provide easy access to the device with a fastener or zipper closure. It is an ideal case for someone on the go who needs a case to carry their tablet, but likes to use it unobstructed. Sleeves are typically thin and are made out of a variety of materials including plastic, cloth and leather.



Rugged & Tough


Peli (Pelican) ProGear Voyager Rugged Protection Case for Apple iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 1/2/3


Protection and portability are the two critical factors that make up a rugged and tough case. Tablets are protected behind a hard cover, usually thick plastic. Some cases feature stands or handles and can be used hands-free and transported easily. Rugged and Tough cases are great for people who work in labor intensive jobs, are clumsy and tend to drop things easily, or those with children. 





Cooper Backlight Executive Universal Bluetooth Keyboard Folio 


Keyboard cases incorporate a bluetooth keyboard into a tablet case. This type of case transforms any tablet into a functioning laptop. It provides a nice alternative to the touchscreen keyboard built into the tablet. Most of the cases fold up like the folio case and incorporate a base strong enough to support the keyboard. This is the quintessential case for business types, who like to do work on the go. As well as people who don’t have a computer at home, but like to use a QWERTY keyboard.





Woodford Design FridgePad 2 Universal Magnetic Fridge Mount for iPads & 7-10'' tablets 


When people think of cases they don’t often consider the mount case. It comes in two varieties, wall mounts and car mounts. Wall mounts work by cradling the tablet in a case that attaches to the wall. Many don’t require any tools to mount as they use an adhesive backing to stick to the wall. They can be attached to walls or metallic surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom and can be used as a mini home theater system.




EXOGEAR ExoMount Tablet/Tablet S Universal Car Dashboard Mount 


Car mounts can attach tablets to the dashboard, headrest and windshield. These mounts are perfect for those who don’t have built in GPS or media systems in their cars. They protect the device from being dropped by passengers and make it easy to safely receive directions when lost. This case should be used by people who travel often, especially those with children.



The 5 best tablet cases on the market can meet anyone’s needs. From those who need a little more protection, to those who want the versatility a folio case gives, Tablet2Cases sells them all. We also offer many other styles of cases that can be viewed by click here.


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