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Brenthaven Bionic is a tablet stand case for iPad 2 made of recycled materials. Brenthaven is committed to achieve Zero Impact on the environment by utilizing only eco-conscious materials in their products. The Bionic case is made from Bionic Yarn material, which uses 1.5 recycled water bottles to produce each case.

The Bionic Yarn material provides the durability of nylon and polyester, offering the pad a complete protection from minor shocks and bumps. The new case is not just about eco-friendliness: the cover also serves as a stand case by folding to offer various viewing angles, perfect for watching media or typing.

All ports and buttons can be accessed freely with the case on the pad. The tablet case comes with a lifetime guarantee, so there’s no need to ever throw it out. The case can be purchased in black or bionic charcoal color.

The price for this item is $59.95

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