AViiQ Puts Smart Money on the New iPad 2 Case

  • AViiQ Smart Case For iPad 2
  • AViiQ Smart Case For iPad 2 review
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AViiQ Smart Case For iPad 2 is a tablet protector complementing the Apple’s Smart Cover functions. The new case is crafted out of rugged ABS plastic encased in solid aluminum piece, which provide the Apple iPad 2 with the best possible protection from impacts and drops.

The combination of ABS plastic and aluminum works together to dissipate heat from the device ensure your hand will never get burned. The case comes in colors matching the Apple Smart Cover, and features either black or white trim to add a personalized touch to the design.

Naturally, all ports and buttons of the device are open to access with the case on the pad and given enough space to accommodate various jack connectors. The tablet protector can be installed in a matter of seconds thanks to a unique snap on design.

The price for this item is $34.99-39.99.

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