Volgograd Officials Get Taxpayers Goat With Uryupinsk iPad Cases

Officials from Volgograd Region in Russia decided to keep their Apple iPads warm during the harsh Russian winter and ordered 50 iPad cases from Uryupinsk craftswomen. The unique tablet sleeves will be made from 100% natural wool felt and will set back tax payers 42K RUB (approx. $1,400).

Volgograd officials didn’t stop there and demanded that each and every Apple iPad case should be one-of-a-kind. Each case will be handmade , and Uryupinsk craftswomen pledged not to utilize any artificial materials: only 100% genuine goat wool will be used.

Volgograd Region officials claim that the iPad cases are not destined for them, but for delegations from other Russian regions, which are scheduled to visit Volgograd to commemorate the 69th anniversary of Stalingrad Battle victory. In any case questions have already been raised about the appropriate use of tax-payers’ money.

iPad cases made by Uryupinsk craftswomen from goat wool received a great deal of media spotlight during the Sochi Forum, where several prominent political figures were spotted with electronic gadgets protected by unique tablet sleeves. Since then the goat wool cases have been steadily growing in popularity.

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