Durability and Style in the New iPad Hard Candy Chrome Bezel Case

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  • Chrome Bezel from Hard Candy screenshot

Chrome Bezel from Hard Candy is a unique back protector designed specifically for the new iPad. The exquisite black polycarbonate frame features perfectly done gold or silver edges and offers the tablet great impact and bump protection all around the device.

The Apple "New iPad" 3 case comes complete with a high-quality tablet screen protector to keep the tablet’s screen scratch and smudge free. The screen protector is designed to protect the delicate touchscreen of the new iPad without affecting the enhanced resolution the new Apple device is famous for.

All ports and buttons of the device are open to unobscured access with the new case on the pad. The Chrome Bezel is extremely slim, yet highly protective of the new iPad. It’s the perfect combination of fashion and style with functionality and tablet protection.

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